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I’ll be honest and admit that, before last week, I had never worn a turban in my life. I had seen women out in the street wearing them, and I remember wanting to find a cool, chic one somewhere, but then I forgot all about it and I never did.

I saw this cover in Harper’s Bazaar Dubai and instantly fell in love with the look. While maybe a smaller, less bulky turban would be best for days out in the city, I personally think a turban makes for a great fashion statement.

73b71a971fe5378d_9495823You don’t even need to go for the full ‘hidden hair’ look, because having your hair down, with the turban as an accessory, works just as well. We’ll call it a turband, shall we?


fashionturbantutorial turbanIf you’re going for the full turban (tucking your hair in), then I’d say you put your hair into a loose bun (the type you get when you don’t pull out your ponytail completely).

Also, notice how accessories, like some sunglasses and big earrings, can make your look that much better!

20130203-021403.jpgWould you wear a turban? How about a turband?. If you have any pictures of yourself, sporting one, or if you have any styling ideas.. you know I always look for new things to wear! Let me know below?

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    • Aww! I’m definitely sure you can find one that will suit you! Maybe a turband would be great for you! You can make them out of any old, cool scarf that you have lying around the house!

  1. In love with the last look: red velvety turban with bright lipstick and nude make-up. I think that to pull out the turban look we need to have an amazing skin!

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